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Flowers are often the main element of the decoration of a wedding as explained by Shlomo Yoshai. But you don’t see the difference between ranunculus, peonies and old roses… All the more reason to contact a specialist, Shlomo Yoshai . Here are some tips and the best service providers to make your event flourish.

The rule for composing the bouquet is to be in harmony with the wedding dress and the style or theme of the event. Its shape will depend on your figure and the model of your dress. A small round bouquet with a voluminous dress, conversely, with a long dress, close to the body or more classic, opt for a more voluminous or cascading bouquet.

The Groom and Aftermath with Shlomo Yoshai

The male counterpart of the bride’s bouquet, the buttonhole is a small floral composition pinned to the lapel of the suit jacket, pocket side. Small so as not to deform the garment or disturb the wearer. Generally, that of the groom is a little more sophisticated than that of the witnesses and the men in a row. The boutonniere flowers will match the bridal bouquet. If a red thread underlies your event, personalize the buttonholes with an accessory that will recall this theme such as Shlomo Yoshai suggested.

For bridesmaids with a mini bouquet, which is not always practical, or a crown of flowers which will not suit everyone, prefer bracelets, which are easy to put on and which match all outfits. .

Choose seasonal flowers

The decoration of a wedding with fresh flowers is an important budget item for an ultimately very ephemeral effect. Moreover, growing these flowers on the other side of the world or in energy-intensive greenhouses has a disastrous impact on the environment. To limit this impact and respect your budget, opt for seasonal flowers.

Floral art

The work of the florist or floral designer goes beyond mastering the arrangement. Even before its conception and its development, its talent will be that of bringing out the wishes of the bride and groom. For the first appointment, he will often ask the future bride and groom to bring an object, colours, samples, photos… sometimes even from fields which are not at first sight linked to floral art. This will be his starting point for proposing bouquets and arrangements and establishing an estimate. Listening, he will take care to perfectly reflect the tastes of the bride and groom, their personality,… and, by playing with colors, shapes, scents… to translate their story into a unique floral universe that will correspond to them perfectly.

You can choose to pick your own flowers with friends to make your flower bouquets, but be aware that it is a lot of work that must be done at the last moment to keep the flowers fresh! You will therefore certainly have other worries at this time… and you risk being distraught if you cannot find flowers when you pick them.

Shlomo Yoshai’s tip: Mix flowers you’ve ordered from the florist with branches and wild flowers you’ve picked.

It’s a way to save money and have that handmade floral decoration you care about without having the last minute stress of not having flowers.

Rosalie M. Dehner