Ste Marie highlights the art of flower arrangement inside the Cadine store

A florist’s counter teeming with flowers and foliage sits at the center of this Vancouver lifestyle boutique, designed by Studio Ste Marie.

Nestled along a parade of shops in Vancouver’s South Cambie neighborhood, Cadin offers a selection of high-end housewares, books, fine clothing and jewelry, as well as bouquets of fresh flowers.

In the center of the Cadine store is a florist counter

Cadine’s head office is a short drive away in the town’s Southlands area, occupying a 1920s farmhouse that overlooks the garden where the brand’s flowers are harvested.

This green setting ended up being a key point of inspiration for Sainte Marieinterior design of the store.

Interiors of the Cadine store in Vancouver designed by Ste Marie
The counter has a planter filled with flowers and an area for staff to prepare fresh bouquets

The focal point of the store is a florist’s counter intended to showcase the “beautiful chaos” of flower arrangement. One side of the counter – which is crafted from beige leather granite – features a planter that is overflowing with flowers and lush foliage.

The other side has a sink, but has otherwise been left free so that staff have enough space to prepare, organize and pack bouquet orders.

Interiors of the Cadine store in Vancouver designed by Ste Marie
Products are displayed in arched wall niches

While Ste Marie knew that creating floral arrangements is often a messy job, the studio was reluctant to hide the counter at the back of the store.

“We wanted to recognize the duality of living materials, both beautiful and at times unruly, while providing a visual and sensory experience for the guest,” the studio explained.

The surrounding surfaces were punctuated by a series of vaulted alcoves, their shape intended to resemble “the delicate curve of a sling swaying in the wind”.

Some alcoves have rows of glass shelves, while others have been encrusted with mirrors or fitted with black rails on which clothes can be hung.

Interiors of the Cadine store in Vancouver designed by Ste Marie
Some niches are equipped with mirrors or clothes rails

Alternatively, the items can be displayed on wooden storage units with glass rims that Ste Marie custom made for the store.

One of the larger units that wraps around a structural column has been given a padded bench where guests can sit and relax.

Interiors of the Cadine store in Vancouver designed by Ste Marie
Ste Marie also designed custom wood storage units for the store.

The rest of the store has been kept low-key with concrete floors, brass sconces, and painted white walls, which have been sanded to create a lightly textured surface finish.

“The design intent was accessible luxury… both subtle and thoughtful, there is an inviting and effortless feel as you walk in, yet the space is intentionally organized and focused, providing a seamless customer experience,” concluded the studio.

Interiors of the Cadine store in Vancouver designed by Ste Marie
Upholstered bench provides customers with a place to sit

Ste Marie’s Cadine was one of five shortlisted projects in the Small Business Interiors category at this year’s Dezeen Awards.

The category was ultimately won by a post office in Zhejiang, China, designed by studio Yatofu. Adorned in festive hues of red, white and green, the striking post office also includes a gift shop and space for community events.

The photograph is by Conrad Brown, styled by Kate Richard.

Rosalie M. Dehner