Shop London: flower arrangement with famous florist Larry Walshe, creator of Bloom


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As part of our week-long Shop London festival, we run workshops, lectures and classes with experts in their field. From the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK to the experts and pros of the grazing plateau, we have a range of exciting events to celebrate our campaign.

To kick things off, luxury florist Larry Walshe is on hand to demystify one of the great interior questions – the art of proper flower arrangement.

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to spread the beauty of nature indoors, and there is nothing more elegant and instantly reviving your space than a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Indeed, Bloom, Walshe’s new company, is part of our Shop London campaign, with 10% discount on orders from April 12 to 18.

Who is Larry Walshe?

Walshe has been a leading name in the floristry and event industry since 2014, known for his design-driven creations that have transformed the spaces of royal homes, wedding venues and photo shoots.

Larry Walshe / Barker Evans

He has worked with everyone from Rihanna, Stella McCartney, Edward Enninful, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sonam Kapoor as well as luxury brands like Elie Saab, Dior and Valentino. When it comes to flowers, you better (sorry) believe he’s the man to know.

Larry Walshe / Kate Nielen

What is Bloom?

New online flower delivery service, Bloom offers a variety of options for everyone, from luxury hand-knotted gift bouquets (from £ 75), to market flower bouquets, which come direct from the grower ( from £ 30), and the flexible Best in Bloom Flower Subscription – at £ 35 per box is a steal.


What makes Bloom special?

Is it USP? A revolutionary service for creating a personalized bouquet. From £ 44 you can choose the stems, foliage, size, color, feel, and overall look of your dream bouquet – just like you would at a florist – with Bloom bringing your vision to life and delivering to your doorstep.

It is also fully durable and 100% plastic free, with orders shipped via DPD, one of the UK’s cleanest and most environmentally friendly couriers. The brand is also partnering with the World Land Trust, planting trees to offset its carbon footprint.

How long is the flower arrangement workshop?

In just 15 minutes, Walshe will show you how to arrange your petals to look their best. The course will be available for free on YouTube and we’ll integrate it below, so if you can’t watch it live, you can catch up when you have time.

Materials needed to participate in the workshop:

  • Flowers
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Low vase
Larry Walshe / Bloom


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