Shark Tank Winner Alice’s Table Flower Arrangement Parties

In January, company founder Alice’s Table took to Shark Tank to pitch her idea for a home flower arrangement party concept for women to start their own businesses. The sharks loved it! What you might not know is that the founder – Alice Rossiter was born and raised in Chicago!

The concept is simple – beautiful flowers make a fun night out for you and your friends. It’s like the painting parties that were so popular, except it’s with flowers. Gather your friends and throw a private party (or find a class in the area) and you will learn the art of flower arrangement from an Alice’s Table event manager, and you can make your own personal arrangement and the take it home with you. Oh and did I mention there are cocktails involved? It’s a fun way to bond with your best friends. And it’s a great little business for women.

To learn all about this fun “girls’ night” concept, Kristen Graves, Event Manager in Chicago, visits the WCL to talk about the concept, give us some great flower advice and challenge our hosts to a contest – who can create the best flower arrangement in: 60!

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Rosalie M. Dehner