People seek help from cyber cell to catch people spreading fake messages

Manoj (name changed), 28, working for a private company, was shocked when a family member called him to ask for a message about him saying he had been engaged in a sexual harassment case he two weeks ago. Manoj had rejected his parent, presuming he had become a fool. But Prashant was tricked into believing his relative when he received more than a dozen calls from people he knew to be aware of his welfare, along with a text message allegedly from a loan. snapshot offering a company criticizing it for not paying interest and principal. amount, which was Rs 4,000.

A terrified Manoj was confused with how the company had accessed the contacts of his relatives. He filed an online complaint with the Chandigarh police, including DGP, SSP and the complaint taken up by the cybercrime cell.

“I had obtained a small loan of Rs 4,000 thanks to an instant loan mobile application. I was given time to return the amount for about a week. The interest, which was around Rs 1,000, had already been deducted from Rs 4,000 when Rs 3,000 was transferred to my account. But I was outraged when my family members, relatives and colleagues received false messages about me. I recorded my statement at the cybercrime cell, ”Manoj said.

Sources said: “There are a number of instant loans providing mobile applications. These applications offer instant loans at high interest. When a person downloads the app, a number of their contacts
were automatically disclosed to application managers. In case a person does not have
pay the money, fake messages were sent to their contacts.

“Indeed, there are people who approach the cyber cell to complain about the defamatory / reprehensible messages disseminated about them to their contacts, including their relatives. We are investigating these complaints. Primarily, this falls under the category of defamation, as suspects defame someone. But being an investigative agency, we are required to trace the origin of such messages. People should be aware every time they download such a mobile app to get instant loan, ”said Inspector Hari Om, head of the cyber cell.

Cyber ​​expert Rajesh Rana said: “These cases involve various aspects including financial regulation to investigate. These companies offer money with high interest. There is no doubt that forcing people to pay the amount after threatening them to broadcast false messages is a crime. He confessed to cheating on many people under the pretext of providing them with instant high interest loans. Other complaints are under investigation.

Rosalie M. Dehner