Paper flower crafts to make your home feel like spring

Make spring come faster than ever with the prettiest paper flowers.

Courtesy of a small project

Are you starting to crave good weather and beautiful flowers long before the winter thaws? You’re not alone. When the cool temperatures last a little too long, take charge. Even on the most gloomy days, these paper hyacinths will brighten up your interior.

Debbie Chapman from A small project made these gorgeous paper flowers, but they look so lifelike. They don’t require obscure craft supplies, either – beyond scissors and basic glue, all you need is colorful card stock and construction paper. Just swirl, roll and wrap strips of paper to create these cheerful flowers.

Each bloom only takes about five minutes, so you’ll have a full bouquet in no time. Little hands might not have the fine motor skills to shape a paper flower, but your kids will love to play with the flowers with your help.

Put a rainbow of these faux flowers in a pretty vase to brighten up your home, or choose colors to match a wedding party or baby shower. Best of all, these flowers won’t wilt, so you can flaunt your work all year round.

For step-by-step instructions on this fun springtime craft, visit A small project.

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Rosalie M. Dehner