Netflix’s GBBO alternative with flower arrangement

For all those who miss their Great British Bake Off solution, we may have just found the perfect show to see you through until the next season rolls around in the fall.


Landing on Netflix May 18, The great flower fight isin a word, GBBO but with flour swapped for flowers – and we can’t wait to get obsessed with it.

Gardening and flower arranging might not seem like a very high-stakes activity or possible to create the basis for a tense competitive show, but then again, baking, sewing, or pottery either until that GBBO, The Great British Sewing Bee and The big pottery jet came and won our hearts (and our TVs).


In fact, it’s the perfect antidote to our current predicament – a quintessentially British pastime turned into a tense competitive spectacle is just what we all need right now.

Following a similar format to the aforementioned shows, the eight-part series will see ten pairs of amateur floral sculptors, florists and garden designers compete to be crowned horticultural design champions, through a series of outlandish themed challenges and tasks designed to test their abilities. From large-scale floral instillations to carpentry and landscaping, contestants will be challenged on their technical skills as well as their creativity. It’s flower arranging, but not as we know it.


But in addition to being beautiful, entrants’ designs should be functional, as they will be encouraged to think about using plants that give back to the environment, such as insect-friendly pollinating species.

Over the course of the series, one duo will be named “Best in Bloom” while another will be eliminated each week, Pastry shop style, leaving just three teams to face off in the final, with the winners getting the chance to design their own sculpture to display at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in London.

The great flower fight

Comedian Vic Reeves is set to host, best known for Vic Reeves big night in and Shooting Starsalongside the BBC’s Natasia Demetriou What we do in the shadows.

And now, to further whet our appetites, we have a trailer and it confirmed all of our suspicions that this show is going to be absolutely brilliant.

Well, we never thought the flower arrangement could be so spectacular.

Just as we’ve become a nation addicted to watching others bake (or burn) cakes, our next obsession will soon be The great flower fight. Dahlias within reach.

Rosalie M. Dehner