Interflora Promotes Positive Mental Health With Mindfulness Flower Arrangement Kit


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Interflora has partnered with SANE, a leading UK mental health charity, to launch the Mindfulness Flower Arrangement Kit.

On sale for £ 30 and coinciding with World Mindfulness Day on September 12, the partnership aims to bring mindfulness practice and flowers closer together, helping us all to take a few moments for ourselves – and us. think that’s a great idea.

The kit includes Interflora’s range of fresh flowers, with flowers specially selected for their conscious properties, as well as variations in fragrance and texture to ensure a relaxing and multisensory experience. For example, roses, lavender, and iris are indigo and purple as these colors are believed to promote calm, peace, and relaxation.


Interflora x SANE Conscious Flower Arrangement Kit

Interflora x SANE

A set of instructions, designed by HEALTHY, helps guide us through the conscious flower arrangement process and further promote mindfulness.

The flower arrangement kit was launched after a study conducted on behalf of Interflora and SANE found that more than a third (35%) of Britons feel stressed at least once a day.

“These mindful flower kits offer people a chance to learn a skill that can help them maintain good mental health.”

The study found the five most stressful things:

  1. People moan too much (44 percent)
  2. Slow walkers (27%)
  3. Unreliable Wi-Fi (24%)
  4. Children arguing (21%)
  5. Make plans (20%)

    But only 15 percent of the nation actually manage to practice mindfulness on a daily basis with busy schedules (27 percent), difficulty finding time alone (32 percent), and uncertainty of where to start (22 percent). cent), cited as significant obstacles.

    Here are the five most relaxing things:

    1. Have time for yourself (54%)
    2. Being in nature (35%)
    3. Listening to the rain (34%)
    4. Put on your pajamas after a long day (33%)
    5. Listening to a soothing voice (16%)

      “It’s alarming how many people are stressed on a daily basis,” says Kirsty Gaunt, Head of Partnerships at Interflora. “As our research shows, people find ways to enjoy simple everyday activities as a way to relax. To help people find those little moments of peace and joy in their daily lives, we’ve teamed up with SANE to create the Mindfulness Flower Arrangement Kit.

      Interflora x SANE Conscious Flower Arrangement Kit

      Interflora x SANE

      “We know how therapeutic flowers can be, so this seemed like the perfect partnership for us. Whether the kit is purchased as a gift for someone else or for yourself, we hope it will have a positive impact on that person’s day. ‘

      Marjorie Wallace, CEO of SANE, adds: “Stress is something we all experience from time to time, but if left unchecked it can become chronic and disabling. Taking a few moments away from the time pressure we all have to try out different mindfulness activities can be very beneficial. These mindful flower kits offer people a chance to learn a skill that can help them maintain good mental health.

      The Mindfulness Flower Arrangement Kit costs £ 30 and is available to buy online from now through October 15. 10 percent of the purchase price will be donated to SANE.

      SANE offers emotional support and information to anyone affected by mental health issues. To know more Click here.

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