Innovign Art offers a workshop for making virtual flowers


Event decorating company Innovign Art offers a virtual paper flower-making workshop two Tuesdays to teach the fundamental techniques of creating giant paper flowers.

This company has been running workshops since 2015, offering more than one per month. The last one took place in November, after which there was a break. Company owner Travell Blackman said previous workshops covered balloon art and flower arrangements, but since it is a virtual art and balloon art requires an electric balloon pump, the he focus is only on paper flowers at the moment.

Innovign has organized workshops in Berbice, Bartica, Essequibo Coast and Linden, among others, and thousands of people have benefited. Many attendees attended because they may have organized an event and chosen to do the set themselves, rather than paying to do it. Some people have also started their own decorating business.

Paper flowers

The two-hour workshop costs $ 4,000 and includes registration fees, a folder with models on how to make flowers, and required materials. Travell said the workshop will not be like Zoom meetings. Instead, a hired videographer will be responsible for the session and zoom in on the flower and the speaker at the appropriate times. Throughout the session, people will be able to interact with the instructor.

“People should do some preparation before the actual [workshop] begin. Once they have registered, I will send them a file containing models and detailing the preparations to be made. Preparation is what takes the most time in order to avoid exhausting the workshop for it. The conference itself is going to be well lit. Signing up can be through PayPal or they can come to us and sign up, and I’ll have copies of the file available to them, ”he said.

Among Innovign’s recurring customers is the Ministry of Social Protection. The company made the decor for the ministry staff day and decorated its building for the Republic Day celebrations in February. Innovign Art was also responsible for the decorations of the High Court during the same period.

The company hopes to grow and offer additional services in social media and management, as well as videography and photography, but due to the current coronavirus pandemic this has been put on hold.

In the run-up to the virtual workshop, Travell intends to make videos to educate people on how to use the Zoom app as well as what to expect from the workshop.

Those interested can register and pay by going to: The virtual workshop is scheduled for May 5 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. For more information, Travell can be reached at 641-4032.


Rosalie M. Dehner