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Fall is usually a busy time to prepare for Halloween, quickly followed by Thanksgiving, and before you know it, the winter holidays have arrived.

But before the fall season fades away, why not slow down and absorb nature’s color palette of reds, oranges, greens and yellows before they too fade away? Whether you’re hosting a flower arranging event or simply choosing to savor nature’s fall bounty, the floral experts have delicious tips and tricks to brighten and brighten your home this year.

Tina Nestor, founder of Create Yours, is a pro when it comes to sharing fall flowers with friends and loved ones (createyourswithflow “The ideal number (for a party) depends on the space you have available,” says Nestor. “I’ve had events at someone’s house that have ranged from around 35 people to our minimum number of attendees, which is six.”

Suzzane Brena, director at Eternal Roses, a company that immerses fresh rose blossoms in a plant-based preservative, agrees with Nestor.

“We saw a minimum of seven out of 40 people where our decor and party favors were used,” she says (eternal

When it comes to types of arrangements and supplies, Nestor and Brena have that as well.

Nestor suggests that when selecting fresh flowers, intentionally choose fall colors like orange, bronze/brown, red, yellow, and a touch of purple, she says. “And be sure to add fresh greenery, like seeded eucalyptus.”

Brena adds, “We’re seeing a big increase in the Black Roses collection during Halloween, as post-Halloween customers opt for orange and purple rose centerpieces.”

The type of arrangement will ultimately help determine the supplies you need. But, according to Homes & Gardens (, “The main flower arrangement rules to aim for are: balance, proportion and scale, unity, harmony, rhythm and balance, and finally the accent.”

While your guests can certainly build something as ornate as a cornucopia, providing a simpler vase-based flower project can be just as impressive and entertaining. For a step-by-step DIY flower arrangement plan, take a look at Lily Jade’s free flower arrangement party (

As a general rule, for Home & Garden’s first hint of overall harmony and balance, even in a simple vase arrangement, it’s best to have the following staples on hand:

• Butcher paper (for laying loose flowers and greenery)

• Several different types of flower bouquets (the amount will vary depending on the size of your event)

• Vases (these can be glass jars or mason jars)

• Shears (strong enough to cut stems)

Floral foam

• Ribbon

• Decorative ribbons or string

Before party goers start chopping and chopping, Alexandra Cotes, Flower Company’s social media and marketing manager, has a tip to help anchor the arrangement (flowercompa

“Using floral foam to arrange flowers is easy to do. It holds flowers firmly in place. However, floral foam can be a little pricey,” Cotes says. . Instead of moss, you can use masking tape to create a grid-like pattern on the vase.

Once the foundation – foam or tape – has been laid, florists can start by adding “the greens”.

“More greenery helps make your arrangement appear larger and fuller without having to buy more flowers,” says Nestor.

Then add flowers. Expert florists recommend cutting flower stems at an angle to help them increase their water intake. Ask the partygoers to vary the height of the flowers and make sure the stem leaves don’t droop below the waterline.

After fall arrangements are complete, finishing touches such as a bit of twine wrapped around the top of a frosted mason jar or brown, orange or yellow ribbon tied in a bow around a glass vase add a touch of style. additional autumn atmosphere.

Of course, if shopping for supplies and executing the plan is too overwhelming, entities like Create Yours are always on hand to do the heavy lifting.

“Most often the host will give me a general idea of ​​what they would like and then allow me, as a Certified Master Florist, to go from there to decide on the best colors and selection of flowers,” says Nestor.

And, while a group of three or four is more than what you’re looking for, the same flower arranging tips can be used to whip up your own floral arrangements this fall.

Rosalie M. Dehner