‘Flowers with Friends’ turns flower arrangement into a big New Orleans party

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NEW ORLEANS – A mother-daughter duo decided to turn the flower arrangement and wine into a big party in New Orleans.

Twist reporter Kayla lusby spoke with Savannah Taucedo, co-founder of “Flowers with Friends,” a mobile service that brings women together to learn more about flower arrangement and design.

“There are things to do in New Orleans, but how many things can you do at home with your best friends, family and daughters? Taucedo asks.

It’s a lot like painting with twist parties, except with flowers and your choice of drink.

Taucedo and his mother, a certified florist for 20 years, came up with the idea as a team.

“We were having a wedding about three years ago, and we were sitting sipping and making flower arrangements. Then my mom said, “What do you think? Do you think the girls would want to do that? ‘”

Their activity has since taken off.

They have held over 100 parties and are teaching different groups how to make flower arrangements, wreaths, flower halos and more.

“We’re going to pick the flowers, you tell us how many daughters you have.” We come in, bring all the flowers, scissors, aprons, a vase, and we set it up, walk through it, and everyone makes their own arrangements and drinks and has a good time together, ”says Taucedo.

“We love teaching people how to make a centerpiece look beautiful from all angles, which is difficult. It’s very difficult to put these flowers in place, but that’s about the main thing we’re trying to teach you, ”says Taucedo.

She encourages everyone to try it not only for the party, but also for the R&R that goes with the flower arrangement.

“It’s therapeutic, everyone says so. They tell me, ‘I love flower arranging because I feel creative and clever and it really makes me forget things,’ and the glass of wine always helps, ‘Taucedo laughs.

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Rosalie M. Dehner