Flower arrangement tips for the pleasure of therapeutic isolation


After flipping through Rowan’s book, which details the basics every florist should know, along with simple guides to creating floral masterpieces for every occasion, here are the flower arrangement tips we’ve gleaned …

Old bottles and jars of jam make perfect containers. Trawl through your closets and you’ll be surprised at what can work. Add sprigs of foliage like rosemary and eucalyptus offset by daffodils or sweet pea flowers for an informal arrangement. Rowan loves to sprinkle small arrangements around her apartment, including on her entryway table and grouped together on the kitchen table for a casual centerpiece.

A pot of flowers bought from the supermarket in your kitchen can brighten up any day. One of Rowan’s quick flower arrangements involves popping a few bouquets of supermarket-bought flowers (preferably in one color) in a ceramic pot. Leave it in the center of your kitchen table and prepare to smile from the moment you walk in.

Table setting is the perfect way to liven up meals instead of dining out or attending events. As Rowan explains, “It doesn’t take a lot of flowers to have an impact on your table; a few tiny stems or sprigs of grass or garden foliage cut low and put in a small vase are all you need to transform your table. Think about the colors of your glassware / dishes / linens / napkins and use flowers to complement and highlight them – the more texture, pattern, and color, the better. And don’t forget the candles; there is nothing more magical than eating next to candelight, it transforms the table and your mood. “

Now that you know the basics and benefits of flower arranging, Rowan and her sister and business partner, Briony, have recorded some fun and nifty tutorials that they will be posting to IGTV soon. To follow @rowan_blossom and keep your eyes open.


Rosalie M. Dehner