Famous floral designer Maurice Harris teaches floral arrangement masterclass


Now you can learn how to create stunning flower arrangements with the new MasterClass from the famous floral designer Maurice harris.

Just in time for the holiday season, Harris spear a MasterClass aimed at teaching the art of awesome floral designs for centerpieces, decor and more. In just 30 days, students can learn how to become their own floral artist from the celebrity floral designer.

Maurice harris

From Beyoncé clips to clients like the fashion giant Gucci, Harris’ skills with flowers has positioned her as the go-to source for all things floral.

“Flowers are a magical gift that the world has given us, and I love their power to bring joy, life and to heal others,” said Harris.

“In my session, I will be sharing practical tips and tricks and labs to help members create flower arrangements that will help them cultivate their own creativity and express their vision with flowers.”

As part of the MaterClass sessions, Harris will teach members essential tips for picking, processing and arranging flowers, as well as how to factor color, texture and size into each design. The new class is one of the first to offer a in-In-depth immersive experience in floral design with time-limited modules and take-out included as part of the subscription.

In each session, Harris offers step-by-step advice and motivational coaching through his principles for creating stunning flower arrangements. With an emphasis on teaching members how to tap into their own creativity to bring their floral designs to life.

“Maurice has built a career that pushes the boundaries of floral design with his work featured in Vogue, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Beyoncé’s Black Is King,” said David Rogier, CEO of MasterClass.

“During his session, he will offer practical advice for creating many types of floral arrangements, from bouquets to seasonal wreaths, helping members express their personal vision of beauty through flowers and walk away with five of their own creations. personalized. “


Rosalie M. Dehner