Cristiano Ronaldo EXCLUSIVE, young people are wary of CR7, Pogba wanted by PSG, Zakaria targeted

“Ronaldo is not a great pro”

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t a top pro – despite what images of him celebrating shirtless suggest.

That’s the stunning claim from Manchester United legend Paul Parker, who believes his former club must eliminate the aging star.

Ronaldo is 36 and still banging in goal after making a sensational return to Old Trafford last summer.

But Parker says CR7’s return to the famous red jersey has put too much pressure on his teammates to perform.

Parker said indiabetting“I wouldn’t say he’s a top pro.

“Right away they couldn’t help but talk about how he changed the diet and the players because of that, he eats this and he eats that.

“So what, everyone is different, everyone’s metabolisms are different, your mindset is different, the way you approach everything, your game training, all different.

“So I think Ronaldo’s arrival put everyone under pressure, sold a bunch of shirts, in terms of PR it was great for the club.

“I think it’s affected the mindset of a lot of other players as well. It’s about being a top player and being a top pro, and Ronaldo is a top player. level, he proved it.”

“But all of a sudden look at what he’s doing, look at what he’s got. It’s great what he’s got, fantastic.

“But I’m different, I like to think I’m different, and I’m going to do that, I started doing it my way, and so that puts pressure on a lot of players.

“So it didn’t work out on the pitch with him on the pitch.”

Rosalie M. Dehner