Alice’s Table Parties teaches flower arrangement classes in Cape Coral, SWFL

Melissa Beck swims with sharks with her dive into organizing Alice’s Table’s colorful “girls’ parties”.

“I love to play with flowers, but it’s a very expensive habit,” Beck told the nine women seated at a table at the Tipsy Cow ice cream store in Bonita Springs.

“Not only do we have fun, but we do it in a fun place,” she said, touting rum and raisin ice cream made with real rum.

The concept, which flourished across the country after investors chose Alice’s Table on the “Shark Tank” show, gives attendees practical, step-by-step instructions and a “recipe” that allows them to create colorful flower arrangements. to take home. Beck is the second in Florida to sign, the other in St. Petersburg.

Peggy Davis, of Bonita Springs, celebrated her birthday with two daughters, Tara Adragna of Naples and Danielle Maiero of Bonita Springs, at the glacier.

“I’m a flower fanatic,” she said. “It was fantastic.”

Alice’s Table joins the ranks of canvas painting, jewelry making, and wineglass personalization among party nights in Southwest Florida. National chain franchises have set up shop in homes, restaurants, bars and community centers for parties where they provide instructions and all the materials needed to create art.

“I saw Alice’s Table on ‘Shark Tank’ when it aired in January,” Beck said. “And when I wanted to take a course, I went to the website and noticed that there wasn’t a single course listed for Florida. Since I was really interested, I sent in an email to Alice and less than a month later I became the Southwest Florida Event Executive. “

She’s happy with the initial response, with classes at Anthony’s on the Boulevard in Cape Coral, private lessons at Shell Point in Fort Myers, and reservations for bridal showers, vacations and even themed events.

Petals and Pilates is a Pilates class on May 11 followed by Alice’s Table Flower Arrangement class with Kind sponsored snacks. A second will take place one afternoon on May 12 at the Lynq restaurant called “Mom’s Day Out at the Lynq”, which includes a complimentary glass of champagne.

A return to Tipsy Cow is slated for May 20.

“People are looking for more relaxing things to do in the city – and this one really uses the sense of touch, sight and smell,” Beck said.

Participants don aprons to protect their clothing and receive a brief introduction to flower arrangement, with tips generously sprinkled along the way. They can make flower arrangements, wreaths and wreaths for flower girls or other festivities.

“I love that many of the educational tips you learn can help someone create an arrangement at home the next time they go to their local grocery store to shop for flowers like a pro,” said Beck.

Starting with the amount of water the flowers need and the temperature of the water, removing the leaves to keep them above the water level and marking the container in a tic-tac-toe grid with duct tape to keep the proportions correct, she kept the class on track. .

An incident with hydrangeas caused him to scramble at the last minute.

“They get a little picky,” Beck said. “We are not giving you brown flowers. We want you to make the most beautiful arrangements.”

She substituted a lonely yellow rose.

“We’re not cheap and chintzy with these flowers,” Beck said, with the flower and container value in each arrangement being around $ 50.

After adding some Italian ruscus for the greens, plucking the thorns from the roses, cutting the tulips to a good height, and spraying the flowers, the “recipe” for the arrangement was almost complete. Participants could add leftover greenery and flowers to their bouquets.

“You might want to cut down the greenery,” she said. “You want the flowers to be the star.”

She urged women to pay attention to dimensions, texture, shapes and colors.

“When you look at your flowers, be picky,” she said.

At the end of the class, she urged them to recycle and reuse, demonstrating by wrapping a spray rose, bud flower, and tulip to create a boutonniere.

Each class also gives back to the community.

A percentage of each fee goes to Golisano Children’s Hospital for Kids Minds Matter to help children and their families with mental and behavioral disorders.

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What: Alice’s Table – Southwest Florida features flower arrangements at small parties, launched nationwide after owner wins investment in “Shark Tank” TV show

When: Registration open for events on the Facebook page or by appointment.

Or: At locations in Southwest Florida including Cape Coral, Naples, Fort Myers, and Bonita Springs.

Cost: $ 65-70 depending on location and additions. Go to the website to register and get 10% off your first event.


Rosalie M. Dehner