Loan for Business – is it Reliable and Secure?

Company Loan – “In Brazil, the universe of micro, small and medium enterprises is reaching 20 million, and in this scenario many credit companies are emerging in search of financing and credit for money and with better interest rates than banks private.

Even living in a troubled country where prospects are not so encouraging, Brazil is living a very good time when we look at the amount of people who are coming into business. In recent years there has been an exponential growth of entrepreneurs in the MEI modality. Beginning companies and micro-entrepreneurs need facilities and agility in the processes and especially in the financial airline, the less delays and reduced bureaucracy, the greater the chances of the company revenge.

Loan for companies

What MegaCapital does: It is a fintech of lending for micro and small businesses, in the most practical fashion, MegaCapital is a technology company in the loan segment. Its operations are focused on small business credit, more specifically on the provision of working capital. The company is regulated by the Foster Bank of Brazil in accordance with Resolution No. 3,156 and No. 3,954, dated 20/2/2011 that allows the financial system to act as a banking correspondent, in general, these Fintechs are not banks or financial institutions, they only represent institutions.

As an intermediary between the borrower and the creditor, MegaCapital approximates companies that need working capital, commercial loans and credit to financial institutions that maintains partnerships. In the online platform of MegaCapital, national small and medium enterprises have the necessary support and speed up so that the process in obtaining the loan to legal entity occurs quickly and unbureaucratized.

How the business loan works for PJ

We offers fast loan for companies of up to $ 100,000.00 in up to 12 months with rates starting at 1.99% am ranging up to 6% depending on various factors and criteria of the lender.

It is necessary to make an online registration on the company website and once the proposal is approved by the company, the company can make simulations of the amount desired and verify which rates are being applied. In the simulation includes the loan amount, the monthly installments amount and repayment term.

The interest rate applied by MegaCapital for the company loan (PJ) not to forget varies between 1.99% and 6%.

How to apply for the loan at MegaCapital

Access the online site and submit some requested information through a quick and simplified form to evaluate your credit, identify the appropriate threshold and interest rate for your business. Once all the checks have been done, the proponent can make a loan with the desired amount. The release will take place within 3 business days. Let’s take the steps:

STEP 1 – Submit your company information so that your credit is assessed and identify the appropriate interest rate and limit for your business.

STEP 2 – Simulate the loan: With the limit and the defined interest rate, you can do simulations. Simply select the desired amount and the payment term that best meets your needs.

STEP 3 – Hiring the loan: Send the necessary documents to approve the loan application

STEP 4 – Sign the Contract: If your request is approved, you will sign the agreement directly from your computer or mobile phone

STEP 5 – Receive Money: Once the contract is signed, you will receive the deposit into your account within 2 business days

To access it click here.

What documentation for MegaCapital approve loan

At the end of the simulation it is already possible to contract the loan, sending the following documents:

☛ Social Contract
☛ Address Certificate
☛ Bank Statement of current account (PJ Account)
☛ Documentation (CPF and RG) of the partners
☛ Member Residency Certificate
☛ Membership Income Statement

With the documents sent correctly, just sign the digital contract and receive the money!

Are we reliable and secure?

It is reliable and secure to make loan online at us . By being a fintechs MegaCapital is of course a company that is ostensibly concerned with the security of data, privacy and confidentiality of information provided through its online platform. In addition to the basic protection of access by SSL, the company complies with all the regulations that the Foster Bank imposes for the office of the nature of its service provision.

MegaCapital on the Claim here?

On the site Reclame Here is one of the best thermometers to know about the importance that a company gives its customers, in this site customers evaluate the company that provided some services to them, and at the moment there is no complaint or positive or negative evaluation related to MegaCapital.

Well, this universe of business loan in the model different from traditional banks without debt will revenge here in Tupinikin lands as well as all parts of the world, this is good for the entrepreneur and entrepreneurs beginners and veterans, because now has many viable alternatives to obtain credit for your companies.