Loan for Business – is it Reliable and Secure?

Company Loan – “In Brazil, the universe of micro, small and medium enterprises is reaching 20 million, and in this scenario many credit companies are emerging in search of financing and credit for money and with better interest rates than banks private. Even living in a troubled country where prospects are not so encouraging, Brazil

“Healthy” Debt & Debt Consolidation

A normal, healthy debt, as long as you can meet his payment obligations, is fine. But what is “normal and healthy”? In business administration (BWL), vertical and horizontal rules refer to financing rules, static and dynamic levels of debt, sometimes even a golden rule of the bank, accounting rule and financial rule.   All terms

Market Free loan. Market Pay credit for sellers

Free Market Loan. MercadoLibre is undoubtedly the leader of e-commerce in Latin America, has long been referred to as ” eBay in Latin America ” and has good reason to be. The company was originally modeled to advance the market by connecting buyers and sellers on an auction-type platform. EBay initially encouraged Free Market to